Law and Disorder in Cyberspace:
Abolish the FCC and Let Common Law Rule the Telecosm

by Peter W. Huber

Oxford University Press, 1997
ISBN: 0-19-511614-3
Pages: 288

"Policy debates in the communications sector are often dominated by ad hoc prescriptions premised on shaky economics applied to dubious histories. Hence, Peter Huber has had to painstakingly reconstruct the relevant terms of discussion, excavating the substantial facts and forces typically overlooked when plotting the course in this dynamic realm. The diligent effort pays a handsome social dividend. In this sweeping reformulation of the logic of telecom rules, Huber compellingly challenges the regulatory reflex with a robust alternative legal framework. Peter Huber's brilliantly reasoned model will convincingly answer those who have gone before, and generously inform those yet to jump into the protean controversies of cyberspace."
        -- Professor Thomas W. Hazlett, Institute of Governmental Affairs, Program on Telecommunications Policy, University of California, Davis

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